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1.  A Shift in the Water by Patricia Eddy (Kindle Unlimited)
2. This Time Next Door by Gretchen Galway (Kindle)
3. Murder of Crows by Annie Bellet (Kindle)
4. Built for Power by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
5. The Dragon Business by Kevin Anderson (Kindle Unlimited)
6. The Line by JD Horn (Kindle Unlimited)
7. The Importance of Being Alice by Katie MacAlister (Kindle)
8. The Abnorm Chronicles by Kevin Anderson (Kindle)
9. Rough Around the Edges by Rachael Anderso (Kindle Unlimited)
10. Hotblooded by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)
11. The Source by JD Horn (Kindle Unlimited)
12. How Sweet It Is by Kate Perry (Kindle Unlimited)
13. The Black Ship by Diana Pharaoh Francis (Kindle)
14. Fashioned for Power by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
15. A Fistful of Evil by Rebecca Chastain (Kindle)
16. Love Me Sweet by Tracy Brogan (Kindle Unlimited)
17. Bluegrass Undercover by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle Unlimited)
18. Kiss Me Forever by Barbara Freethy (Kindle Unlimited)
19. Monster by Carmen Caine (Kindle Unlimited)
20. Steal My Heart by Barbara Freethy (Kindle Unlimited)
21. All Your Loving by Barbara Freethy (Kindle Unlimited)
22. Some Kind of Wonderful by Barbara Freethy (Kindle Unlimited)
23. Risky Shot by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle Unlimited)

[24. A Fistful of Evil by Rebecca Chastain DUPLICATE ENTRY]
25. Dead Heat by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
26. Relentless Pursuit by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
27. Acquiring Trouble by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
28. Rising Storm by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
29. Secrets Collide by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
30. Final Vow by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
31. Enchantress by James Maxwell (Kindle Unlimited)
32. Everything But a Groom by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
33. Everything But a Wedding by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
34. When Bruce Met Cyn by Lori Foster (Kindle Unlimited)
35. Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee (Kindle Unlimited)
36. Summer In Napa by Marina Adair (Kindle Unlimited)
37. Autumn in the Vineyard by Marina Adair (Kindle Unlimited)
38. Be Mine Forever by Marina Adair (Kindle Unlimited)
39. Kissing Under the Mistletoe by Marina Adair (Kindle Unlimited)
40. Fiance by Friday by Catherine Bybee (Kindle Unlimited)
41. From the Moment We Met by Marina Adair (Kindle Unlimited)
42. Married by Monday by Catherine Bybee (Kindle Unlimited)
43. Single by Saturday by Catherine Bybee (Kindle Unlimited)
44. Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop (Kindle)
45. Everything But a Bride by Holly Jaobs (Kindle Unlimited)
46. Taken by Tuesday by Catherine Bybee (Kindle Unlimited)
47. Tucker's Crossing by Marina Adair (Kindle Unlimited)
48. Everything But a Christmas Eve by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
49. One Wish by Robyn Carr (paper)

50. A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan (Kindle)
51. Pickup Lines by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
52. Lovehandles by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
53. Life From Scratch by Melissa Ford (Kindle)
54. Outlaw by Edward Robertson (Kindle Unlimited)
55. Flirting with Felicity by Gerri Russell (Kindle Unlimited)
56. Laugh Lines by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
57. Night Calls by Holly Jacobs (Kindle Unlimited)
58. Need You For Keeps by Marina Adair  (Kindle Unlimited)
59. Flirting With Disaster by Victoria Dahl (Kindle)
60. Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett (Kindle)
61. Worth the Wait by Jamie Beck (Kindle Unlimited)
62. Against the Wind by Kat Martin (Kindle Unlimited)
[63. Flirting with Disaster by Victoria Dahl (Kindle) DUPLICATE ENTRY]

64. Season for Love by Marie Force (Kindle)
65. Sugar's Twice as Sweet by Marina Adair (Kindle)
66. All Hung Up by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
67. The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett (Kindle)
68. In the Cards by Jamie Beck (Kindle Unlimited)
69. Slope of Love by Melissa Foster (Kindle)
70. The Breakup Doctor by Phoebe Fox (Kindle)
71. It Had to Be Him by Tamra Baumann (Kindle Unlimited)
72. Chasing Charlie by Kathy Carmichael (Kindle)
73. This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson (Kindle)
74. Still the One by Jill Shalvis (Kindle)
75. Love After All by Jaci Burton (Kindle)
76. All That Matters by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)
77. Destined for Power by Kathleen Brooks (Kindle)
[78. Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett (Kindle) DUPLICATE ENTRY]
79. Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett (Kindle)
80. Claiming Victory by Beverly Watts (Kindle Unlimited)
81. Out of Bounds by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)
82. More of Me by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
83 All I Ever Need Is You by Bella Andre (Kindle)
84. Home to You by Robin Kaye (Kindle)
85. Back in the Game by Lori Wilde (Kindle)

86. Before I Do by Barbara Freethy (Kindle)
87. Getting it All by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)
88. Seduced by Sunday by Catherine Bybee (Kindle Unlimited)
89. Time for Trouble by Susan Sey (Kindle Unlimited))
90. Let's Misbehave by Katie Perry (Kindle)
91. Everything's Coming Up Rosie by Kasey Michaels (Kindle)
92. Restless Harmony by Kylie Gilmore (Kindle)
93. Back to Before b Tracy Solheim (Kindle)
94. 10 Years Later by J Sterling (Kindle)
95. A Midsummer Night's Romp by Katie MacAlister (Kindle)
96. To Katie With Love by Erica Dean (Kindle Unlimited)
97. Don't Break My Heart by Laurie Kellogg (Kindle)
98. Forever Yours box set by Helen Conad (Kindle)
99. She Sins at Midnight by Whitney Dineen (Kindle)
100. Sweet Girl by Cristin Harber (Kindle)
101. Garrison's Creed by Cristin Harber (Kindle)
102. French Twist by Glynis Astie (KIndle)
103. Let's Be Frank by Brea Brown (Kindle)
104. Winters Heat by Cristin Harber (Kindle)
105. Life After Perfect by Nancy Naigle (Kindle Unlimited)
106. Here In My Heart by Anna DeStefano (Kindle Unlimited)
107. Cross My Heart by Abigail Strom (Kindle Unlimited)
108. More, Please by Kate Aster (Kindle Unlimited)
109. Let Me Love You Again by Anna DeStefano (Kindle Unlimited)
110. Room For You by Beth Ehemann (Kindle Unlimited)
111. Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett (paper)
112. The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett (Kindle)

113. Cape Cod Kisses by Bella Andre (Kindle)
114. Room for More by Beth Ehemann (Kindle Unlimited)
115. Room for Just a Little Bit More by  Beth Ehemann (Kindle Unlimited)
116. Waiting for You by Abigail Strom (Kindle Unlimited)
117. Treasure on Moon Lake by Amy Garnet (Kindle)
118. Into Your Arms by Abigail Strom (Kindle Unlimited)
119. Barefoot In White by Roxanne St Claire (Kindle)
120. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo (Kindle)
121. The Substitute by Denise Swank (Kindle)
122. Jingo by Terry Pratchett (Kindle)
123. Maid for Love by Marie Force (Kindle)
124. Edgewood by Karen McQuestion  (Kindle)
125. Westin's Chase by Cristin Harber (Kindle)
126. Wanderlust by Karen McQuestion (Kindle)
127. Absolution by Karen McQuestion (Kindle)
128. Let's Misbehave by Lisa Plumley (Kindle)
129. Getting Lucky by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)
130. The Player by Denise Swank (Kindle)
131. Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop (Kindle)
132. Darkness Brutal by Rachel Marks (Kindle)
133. Be My Love by Lucy Kevin (Kindle)
134. No Other Love by Lucy Kevin (Kindle)
135. Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis (Kindle)
136. The Rules of Supervillainy by C T Phipps (Kindle Unlimited)
137. It's In His Heart by Shelly Alexander (Kindle)
138. Departure by A G Riddle (Kindle Unlimited)
139. (R)evolution by P J Manney (Kindle)
140. Interworld by Neil Gaiman (Kindle)
141. Not My Romeo by Kylie Gilmore (Kindle)
142. Done With Love by Niecey Roy (Kindle)
143. A New Hope by Robyn Carr (Kindle)
144. Wait For Me by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
145. Almost In Love by Kylie Gilmore (Kindle)
146. Carry Me Home by Rosalind James (Kindle)
147. Field of Schemes by Jenifer Coburn (Kindle)
148. Trust In Me by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
149. Stay With Me by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
150. Return to You by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
151. Meant For You by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
152. Almost Married by Kylie Gilmore (Kindle)
153. Four Weddings and a Fiasco boxed set by Lucy Kevin (Kindle)
154. Georgia On My Mind by Marie Force (Kindle)
155. When It's Love by Lucy Kevin (Kindle)
156. All For Love by Lucy Kevin (Kindle)
157. Forever In Love by Lucy Kevin (Kindle)
158. Almost Over It by Kylie Gilmore (Kindle)
159. Cant' Fight This Feeling by Christie Ridgway (Kindle)
160. What Matters Most by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)

161. Up to Date by Susan Halter (Kindle)
162. Make Me Lose Control by Christie Ridgway (Kindle)
163. About that Fling by Tawna Fenske (Kindle)
164. Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky (Kindle)
165. Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid (Kindle)
166. Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister (Kindle)
167. Sorcery and the Single Girl by Mindy Klasky (Kindle)
168. Friends Without Benefits by Penny Reid (Kindle)
169. Game of Love by Melissa Foster (Kindle)
170. You're Never  Weird on the Internet by Felicia Day (Kindle)
171. French Roast by Ava Miles (Kindle)
172. A Heart Decision by Laurie Kellogg (Kindle)
173. The Grand Opening by Ava Miles (Kindle)
174. Breakaway by Catherine Gayle (Kindle)
175. Country Heaven by Ava Miles (Kindle)
176. A Little Bit of Deja Vu by Laurie Kellogg (Kindle)
177. Getting Over It by Erin Nicholas (Kindle)
178. Seeing Stars by Vanessa Grant (Kindle)
179. The Seven Steps to Closure by Donna Joh Usher (Kindle)
180. If You Only Knew by Kristan Higgins (Kindle)

181. Worth the Weight by Mara Jacobs (Kindle)
182. Magic and the Modern Girl by Mindy Klasky(Kindle)
183. Rev Me Up by Kylie Gilmore (Kindle)
184. Love Handles by Gretchen Galway (Kindle)
185. Sideswiped by Kim Harrison (Kindle)
186. The Drafter by Kim Harrison (Kindle)
187. Kissing Mr. Right by Michelle Major (Kindle)
188. Not Quite Perfect by Gretchen Galway (Kindle)
189. Love Hacked by Penny Reid (Kindle)
190. A Taste of Sugar by Marina Adair (Kindle)
191. The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
192. The Gambler by Denise Grover Swank (Kindle)
193. This Changes Everything by Denise Grover Swank (Kindle)
194. A Heat of the Moment Thing by Maggie Le Page (Kindle)
195. Lost and Found by Elle Casey (Kindle)
196. Sisters In Love by Melissa Foster (Kindle)
197. On the Fly by Catherine Gayle (Kindle)
198. Exclusive by Samantha Chase (Kindle)
199. Diving In by Gretchen Galway (Kindle)
200. Bella Summer Takes a Chance by Michelle Gorman (Kindle Unlimited)
201. Don't Say a Word by Barbara Freethy (Kindle)
202. House Immortal by Devon Monk (Kindle)
203. The Galactic Mage by John Daulton (Kindle)
204. Winter in Sweetwater County by Ciara Knight (Kindle)
205. The Parent Pact by Laurie Kellogg (Kindle)
206. Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde (Kindle)
207. Guarded by Carmen Fox (Kindle)
208. [Unfinished] The Way to a Man's Heart by Debbie Macomber (Kindle)
209. Her Backup Boyfriend by Ashlee Mallory (Kindle)
210. The Chocolate Garden by Ava Miles (Kindle)
211. Fireflies and Magnolias by Ava Miles (Kindle)
212. Inevitable by Angela Graham (Kindle)
213. All I want by Jill Shalvis (Kindle)
214. Where the Heart Is by Darcy Burke (Kindle)
215. A Sweet Possibility by Natalie Charles (Kindle)
216. Infinity Bell by Devon Monk (Kindle)
217. Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie (Kindle)
218. Surrender by Melody Anne (Kindle)
219. Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger (Kindle)
220. Fated for Love by Melissa Foster (Kindle)
221. [Unfinished] Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon (Kindle)
222. Neurotica by Eliza Gordon (Kindle)
223. The Coffee Girl by Natalie Charles (Kindle)
224. This Love of Mine by Miranda Liasson (Kindle)
225. After Math by Denise Grover Swank (Kindle)
226. Delay of Game by Catherine Gayle (Kindle)
227. Chaser by Staci Hart (Kindle)
228. Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille Pagan (Kindle)
229. Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger (Kindle)
230. Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders (Kindle)
231. Sugar on Top by Marina Adair (Kindle)
232. Light the Lamp by Catherine Gayle (Kindle)
233. Wrong by Jana Aston (Kindle)
234. Cape Cod Promises  by Bella Andre (Kindle)
235. In the Zone by Catherine Gayle (Kindle)
236. Portland Storm by Catherine Gayle (Kindle)
237. Shopping for a Billionaire Boxed Set by Julia Kent (Kindle)
238. Breaking the Rules by Cat Lavoie (Kindle)
239. With a Twist by Staci Hart (Kindle)
240. Lucky Kiss by Melanie Shawn (Kindle)
241. What Once Was Perfect by Zoe York (Kindle)
242. Taming Alex by Jill Sanders (Kindle)
243. Chasing Jillian by Julie Brannagh (Kindle)
244. Chez Stinky bySusan Daffron (Kindle)
245. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (Kindle)
246. Falling for You by Jullie Ortolon (Kindle)
247. Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews (Kindle)
248. Reckless In Love by Bella Andre (Kindle)
249. Life or Something Like It by Annie Lyons (Kindle)
250. The Supermodel's Best Friend by Gretchen Galway (Kindle)
251. Holding Haley by Jill Sanders (Kindle)
252. Breathless in Love by Bella Andre (Kindle)
253. The Curvy Girl's Club by Michelle Gorman (Kindle)
254. Saving the CEO by Jenny Holiday (Kindle)
255. The Last to Know by Melissa Hill (Kindle)
256. Life Rewritten by Andrea Johnston (Kindle)
257. Sweet Obsession by J Daniels (Kindle)
258. With Me In Seattlen Bundle One by Kristen Proby (Kindle)
259. Redesigned by Denise Grover Swank (Kindle)
260. The Best Man by Kristan Higgins (Kindle)
261. Business as Usual by Denise Grover Swank (Kindle)
262. Controlled Burn by Shannon Stacy (Kindle)
263. I'll Stand By You by Sharon Sala (Kindle)
264. Falling Into You by Barbara Freethy (Kindle)
265. She's Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully (Kindle)

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