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It's been a blah sort of day today. Did a mountainload of laundry, took the ornaments off the tree - my guys will take the tree down tonight and then my furniture can get back to my regular configuration. Yes! No more neck aches from trying to watch a movie sideways.

I'm still fighting the headache that I've had since Thursday. I'm pretty tired of it, but like a bad guest, it refuses to leave.

[begin mini-rant - physician forms] )

I did manage to get to the post office today to mail out a couple of books. I also made it to the goodwill store to drop off several bags of clothes, electronics and toys that needed to leave our house.

My last errand for the day was at the vacuum cleaner store. My vacuum odyssey )

Hubby and our elder son are in said son's room installing a cd burner on his computer. Our younger son is playing video games in his room. I think I'll order pizza for dinner and curl up with my book for the rest of the evening.

Oh! I almost forgot - the Kings won! Woohoo! It was an ugly, nail-biter of a game, but we'll take it. :-)
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This morning over breakfast, I finished my first book of 2004: Morality For Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith. I have really enjoyed this gentle mystery series. I like it that the stories depend, not on suspense or shock, but on the details of everyday life for interest. I'll definitely be buying the next book in the series when I see it.

I'm currently reading A Song Flung Up to Heaven by Maya Angelou. This is the sixth book in the autobiographical series by this author. I'm really enjoying this, but it isn't as gripping as I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This book will be traveling to visit another BCer when I finish it. :-)

Next up: Naked in Baghdad: The Iraq war as seen by NPR's correspondent by Anne Garrels. This is a bookring book that arrived in today's mail.

On an unrelated topic, I've been fighting a sinus headache since yesterday afternoon. I think that I forgot to take my allergy meds yesterday. That's what I get for going into holiday mode, sleeping in, and getting out of my routine. I really love living in Sacramento, surrounded by lots of trees and growing things, but I could do without my allergic reaction to everything.

/grumble - I never had these problems when I lived in the desert.
(I still like it better here.)

One last thing that I've been meaning to ask and then I'll shut up (for now). Do any of you shop at If you do, and if you'd like to receive "Share the Wealth" offers when I purchase books there (mostly science-fiction/fantasy, some general fiction, some non-fiction), just let me know and I'll add you to my Amazon friends list. :-)


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