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I went to release some books today and was thrilled to see a little box that asked if I would like to release another book to the same location. I nearly hopped up and down I was so excited! I usually release lots of books in one place, and this makes it so much easier.

Thanks and applause to the BC team!

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I hadn't been an active releaser in the past couple of years. I don't know what motivated me to finally haul a few books over to Panera Bread on the first day of this new year, but I'm glad I did.

I had a really fun Wild Catch!

In case you'd like to read the entry here )

I love it! :-D

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Mar. 30th, 2004 08:47 pm
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Our new internet service was installed today. All the family computers are up and running, it seems fast. So far so good. I go to set up my email account. I spent ten frustrating minutes at the ISP website before giving up and calling customer service to find out what I need to do to set up sub-accounts. I was informed that, as of yet, email accounts (and password changes!) have to be called in to the support center - there is nowhere to do this for myself online. Huh? What century is this? Okay, fine. I shook off my mini-snit and got my email set up. I can live without changing my password very often. No problem.

We're going to cancel our old service in a few days, so I decided to change my email address for BookCrossing. I got everything entered and saved, sent myself a test PM, and waited for the nifty little sound bite from Monty Python to sound, informing me that there's a message.

I waited...

and waited...

Nothing. Nada. No PM, no duplicate (Yes, I'm weird - I sent myself a duplicate of my test PM - go ahead and laugh). So I sent another. Same thing. What the ? I went back to BC and changed my email back. Sent another message which went through with no problem. Changed the BC address to a free account I have and did the same test with no problems. Forwarded the PM from free account to new account. Mail arrives, but the BC link image has been blanked out as a "dangerous image". Oh geez...

So I sent an email to support letting them know that I tend to visit Bookcrossing on a regular basis (I hear my fellow addicts giggling at that mild description of how often I'm at BC) and that I regularly receive messages from the site, which messages I would like to be able to receive at my paid email address instead of having to go check a second account where I'll have to put up with banners and pop-ups. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, poor baby, I know - it's sooo hard to check another email account, but I really think I should have a chance to get all of my mail at the address I'm paying for.)

The support email says they will respond within 24 hours.

/looks at watch, checks email again

/taps fingers on desk


Guess I'll go read.
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Any fuzziness of the above image is entirely due to my lack of photo editing skills. :-)

It was so nice to sleep in this morning. I'm still feeling tired much of the day, but I have been getting periods of time when I have some energy, so things are better.

I have a trunkload of books to register thanks to my friend. (Yay!) I've been glancing through the boxes and found several books by authors I like that I haven't read yet, so Mt TBR is growing at an alarming rate! Even so, I have no lack of release material. I had thought about doing another mass release for the bookcrossing anniversary weekend, but since I'm flying out of state that weekend, I guess I'll just try to do a few in a new town.

And here is the most boring word list you're ever going to see:

the184 is33 when17
to152 so31 about17
i135 but31 an17
a120 we28 one16
and91 on28 your16
of89 me26 or16
that58 have26 not15
it54 with25 now15
this54 as22 read14
was51 at22 she14
my44 out21 his14
in41 get21 first13
for37 are21 had13
by35 time20 from13
you35 i'm18 just13
book33 what18 i've12
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Feb. 10th, 2004 12:00 pm
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Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides was an awesome book! I found it hard to put down, which is bad because I was reading it between patients at work. (Shhh!) Now I admit that I am a sucker for books that refer to genetics even passingly (I don't know why I'm so fascinated by them, I just am), but this was so much more than just genetics. I loved the way it was narrated as an autobiography, with the perspective shifting between the narrator in the present and his progenitors in the past. It was filled with many details of a lifestyle that I've never known. Now, I'm not referring to the lifestyle of the main character as a hermaphrodite, which gave the book its hook, but to the family history that is the essence of this book - they are Greek Orthodox immigrants who the story follows, generation to generation, from Turkey to Detroit and from the early 1900's to the turn of the century. It gets my first 10/10 star rating for this year. I'll be registering it, so let me know if you'd like to read it, but my husband will get a chance to read it before I pass it along through Bookcrossing. :-)


Jan. 15th, 2004 10:02 am
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Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. This was a bookring from a round robin bookring started last year by phillycarol. I really liked the book - the writing flowed so beautifully at times, but the subject matter was a little unexpected. The story dealt with the life of a family and the miracles that occured around them and to them by way of their father and his faith. This was a very Christian oriented book.

I've just started The Warlock Heretical by Chrisopher Stasheff. This was sent to me by millerbug as part of a trade several months ago. I've enjoyed many of the other books in the series and am looking forward to this one.

It seems funny to read these two books back to back, but this is what I'm in the mood to read.
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Three bookring books arrived at my house in one box today. I feel so book rich! I had been wondering which book to start next, but this makes it easy. I'll be starting Peace Like a River by Leif Enger this evening, read a little bit of The Courage to Give before bed, and save The DaVinci Code for the weekend.

Life is good.

I think I'll make some oatmeal cookies (without raisins, thankyouverymuch) for this week's lunches then go for a walk before dinner. I'm still waiting for the boys to pick up their backpacks, jackets, and assorted clutter so I can vacuum the family room. Hmm... Maybe I can bribe them into putting away the Christmas decoration boxes with warm cookies...

It could happen.

Book 3/150

Jan. 5th, 2004 08:34 am
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I just finished book #3 for this year: Naked in Baghdad by Anne Garrels. I went to post a journal entry at bookcrossing and found the site down. NNNNoooooo!

Ok. I'm breathing again. I'll post it here instead and paste it to the journal entry later.


I can't say that I actively enjoyed this book. The subject matter was too upsetting for me to enjoy, but I did appreciate it. The book was certainly captivating, but I could only read a few pages at a time before I needed a break from the intensity of the descriptions. Sometimes having a vivid imagination has its drawbacks. It was very much like being there during the lead up to and during the invasion.

For someone like me, who is calmly going about daily life, only struggling with occasional health problems and monetary concerns (personal or those of dear ones) in a society where everything I need is, if not immediately accessible, at least conceivably available, it is painful to be reminded of the daily struggle to meet basic needs that exists for so many in this world. This, along with the reminders of daily persecution occurring in Iraq (and many other places) at the time this book was written (and still to varying degrees today) was what made reading this book difficult for me.

It is also what made this a memorable, worthwhile book.

I am glad that I had a chance to read it. Too often I crawl into my comfy hole in the ground and ignore the rest of the world. I certainly feel connected today.
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It's still NYE here. I just finished book 150 for this year and am very happy about it. I haven't decided what to start 2004 with yet. I was looking through my list from this year and was amazed at how many of the books on there I read because of bookcrossing, either because it was a trade, a ring/ray, or because someone recommended it on the forum. More than 2/3!

We're having a very quiet evening here. We have some munchies to set out, we may watch a movie, may play games. I've decided that I can relax and enjoy the evening. I wish you all a great year in 2004!


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