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Today was really wonderful. I got to sleep in this morning, my laundry was pretty much finished - at least to the point where I could, and did, ignore it, I got to talk to my mom, and then things got even better. My coworker, Ron, called and offered us four tickets to see The Fantasticks at Music Circus tonight. He and his wife had been on vacation for four weeks, then came home on Friday only to leave for an out-of-town wedding the next day, then got back this afternoon too tired to use their tickets. We gratefully accepted, thanked them for the tickets and took the boys with us to see the show. It was very well done and even C, who had expressed disdain for musical theater on the way, enjoyed himself. After, we went to PF Chang's for dessert. Banana spring rolls are the best. /drools

Life is good.

I don't even mind the thought of going back to work tomorrow. Maybe that's only because I have lots of pictures and goodies to share, but I'm still surprised. :-)

Oh, and my friend, D, called this afternoon and invited me to sing a duet with her this coming Sunday. We're meeting tomorrow to figure out what to sing. Since we've both been on trips since we've seen each other, we'll probably do more talking than rehearsing, but that's okay. We're used to singing together and have compatible rehearsal styles, so unless we pick a terribly difficult piece (unlikely) we should be fine. That reminds me - I need to go dig out my songbooks for tomorrow.
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Me friend, D, sent me an email today letting me know that auditions are coming up for Music Circus, a musical theater group that performs seven or so musicals throughout the summer. She added a link to their website then suggested that she would audition if I would. Now, please understand that we both love to sing and have decent voices (although hers is definitely better than mine), but neither of us remotely qualify as professional singers. It's a hobby. Okay. Now add in the fact that the auditions are being held next Saturday.

My first reaction was "Hah ha ha ha ha... whooo... can you imagine?!?

Well, then we got to talking after dance class tonight about what songs we might possibly be able to pull together at such (for us anyway) short notice. The end result is that we met at her place for about an hour, looking through her collection of music books and trying out different songs. I only found one that even remotely sounds okay for me and she found a couple that might work for her. So tomorrow I get to mosey on over to the music store after work and look for song books that might have some helpful music so we can each work on at least two songs.

Yes. I have agreed to do this.

Why on earth would I commit myself to certain humiliation? Well, it's kind of fun in an odd sort of way. We get a night or day out, we get to sing, and we get to listen to other people sing. We get to dream a little. We get to laugh ourselves silly over our mistakes when we've finished. (Yes, we've done this before, but only once and it was a couple of years ago and not for such a locally well-known group.) It's a way of breaking out of our comfortable boundaries and taking a risk. Who knows - some day we might actually land a part in the chorus. If that ever happens, the rumble you feel under your feet will be us jumping up and down for joy (or fainting in shock). ;-)


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