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So the re-piping guys are here today. They showed up promptly when they said they would and started in. S is working from home in case issues come up and I'm home sick, moving as little as possible and reading lovely fluffy fiction whenever I can summon the energy to keep my eyes focused.

S was sitting at his computer trying to tell me about... about... well, about something I can't happen to recall at the moment. I wasn't focusing very well on his words, so I told him that he would need to use small words, speak in short, simple sentences, and use very clear logic today if he wanted me to understand him at all. He laughed and asked me if my spousal mind-reading, brain-wave syncing abilities were on the fritz. I told him that yes, they were because all the snot mucks up the delicate connections.

It turned out to be a good thing we were both home today - we had to go sign another paper for our loan. The loan officer told us that they have started using a wonderful new, improved computer system that, incidentally, doesn't yet allow them to print documents directly from it, forcing them to export files to the old system for printing. Unfortunately, sometimes not everything transfers completely. Thus the discovery of the form we needed to sign. He apologized profusely. I made S take me to the Dairy Queen drive-through for an ice-cream cone as his punishment for dragging me out of my sick bed.


Ooh, the smoke alarm just went off near where they are drilling in the hallway. There is no smoke, just dust.

The guy waved a towel at the smoke detector and it stopped screaming. Whew! That thing is loud!

Wait, I just forgot what I came here to share with you all. Give me a moment.


Oh, yeah! Earlier this morning I very thoughtfully prepared a roast for the crock pot so we could have dinner tonight. I made sure to get it ready to go in while we still had running water. Actually, we still have running water. They won't turn it off until all the pipes are ready to be connected to the main. But I digress!

Anyway, because it was early and I didn't want a hard, shrunken, dried out hunk of jerky for dinner, I set the crock pot to low, which setting I haven't used in years. I'm always in a hurry. Yes, even with a slow-cooker. I set my dish towel on top to keep the heat and moisture from escaping past the ill-fitting lid and went back to my urgent lounging.

I came by a while later to pick something up from the counter near the cooker and was surprised to find that it really wasn't very hot. But the roast smelled good, at least to my impaired sniffer, so I just checked to make sure I had actually turned it on to low and left again.

I came back to that counter just now to get some salt for my boiled egg and didn't feel any heat. Worse, I didn't smell nearly-done roasty goodness. Damn. The low setting must be malfunctioning, I thought. I turned it to high and happened to glance at the wall socket as I turned to go.

I hadn't plugged it in. *head desk*

I'm going back to bed now.
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I had to leave choir early tonight. I was getting dizzy and feeling like I was about to faint. I have no idea why unless it's my allergies. I had just told my friend who sits next to me that I was going to leave, when the director decided to practice the song that has my solo. It's like she knew I was about to go and wanted to get it in first. LOL I left after that one instead.

My son called from his friend's house. He had been at a surprise birthday party for one of his good friends. The friend's mom was going to drive him home, but everyone decided to go to their house instead. Since she needed to be there to chaperone, J was left without a ride. Well, he could have had a ride, but it would have kept him out past his curfew, so I went to get him.

I got the giggles today at work. My office shares a suite with three ENT doctors. One of them had an entire class of 9- or 10-year-olds from his son's class into the office today for a field trip. I guess they must have been studying hearing and speech or something to do with the anatomy of the head and neck, because the teacher had volunteered to be 'scoped. (Now, I don't know if this was to look at the sinuses, the vocal folds, or to look down the esophagus, but any of those can be an uncomfortable experience - I don't think I would volunteer to do that.) Anyway, there were 27 children packed into the procedure room just after lunch. Dr. G was in the hallway getting things ready, when he suddenly announced to the class as he walked away with their teacher, "I'm just going to go take a look at Mr. -- before we start to make sure he doesn't have any ear wax or boogers." I just about busted up laughing.

Maybe you had to be there. :-)

Anyway, I'm going to turn in early and hope that this light-headedness goes away with an extra hour of sleep. G'night.


May. 4th, 2004 09:03 pm
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The Gathering Storm by Kate Elliott. This is the fifth book in the Crown of Stars series. This is exactly the kind of book (and series) that I love - this volume is almost 1000 pages long and there are six books of similar size in the series. There is a lot of dialog and plot movement. There are many different, though related, sub-plots interweaving throughout the book. This volume has a nice ending - there is enough resolution that it is an obvious stopping point, but there are enough unresolved plot lines to make me look forward to the next book. I had wondered if I would like this one because the last one didn't really get me involved as much as the first two books (the third wasn't as good for me either). I don't know if it was the mood I read them in or if it was where the story went - I'll probably reread the series at some point, but not for a while.

For those who are interested, I got the results of my sleep study today. The report says that my latency to acquiring sleep and to reaching REM sleep is longer than normal and my sleep effeciency is 54%. There was no evidence of sleep apnea. The translation is: it takes me a long time to fall asleep and to start dreaming and I don't stay asleep very well, but I don't stop breathing any more often than normal and my oxygen levels don't decrease to problematic levels.

Which, except for the definite lack of apnea, I already knew.

But at least I know that my sleep problems are not likely to have serious health results, so that was worth finding out. :-)

In other news...

I went to my first step aerobics class tonight.


I'm already sore - my arms and legs are threatening to go on strike if I don't give them a break tomorrow (which I will, and it will be easy to do since I have choir practice tomorrow). I've already taken some over-the-counter pain/anti-infamitory medication. I'm hoping that will allow me to get out of bed tomorrow.

The sad thing is that I didn't even do the full-on routine, I had to modify it to keep within my target heart rate range. Oh well, at least that gives me a clear goal for the rest of the year. :-)
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but I'm really bummed. I just got back from my Dr's office. My blood pressure has been elevated for two weeks now and it's giving me headaches. I hadn't expected the problem to linger. Usually by the time I get in for an appointment, my problems self-resolve and I come off feeling like a hypochondriac (is that even close to the correct spelling?). Not this time, though. The numbers are stubbornly remaining higher than they should be.

Soooo... I get to jog over to my friendly, neighborhood bloodletting facility tomorrow *and* I get to start taking a diuretic. Oh, goody! I get to run to the potty twenty times an hour for the next few weeks until we discover whether this is a temporary thing or a new lifestyle for me.

/sigh, deep breath

Okay, I think I can live without whining again for a little while. LJ is a nice relief valve. :-)


Oh, the universe just rewarded me for my ever-so-slightly positive thought! My son did my favorite hug-and-lean-on-mom's-head-while-reading-her-screen-thing (tm). *Now* I feel better. :-D
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Stolen from tzurriz
Lemmings )

In less than an hour I finally get to see the specialist to try to figure out why I'm constantly tired. This has been going on since October and I am soooo ready to be over it. All of my blood work, including thyroid levels, came back perfectly normal, so the theory to rule out today is the possibility of a sleep problem like sleep apnea. I had to wait over a month for this appointment. Yeesh! I've been told that the doctor is very good at his specialty - we'll see. Wish me luck?

In other news... Tonight is my first ever dance lesson! Yippee! My friend D and I are going together. We both tend to slack off our exercise plans without someone else to keep us on track, so this is a nice arrangement. We're also hoping that it is so much fun that we'll look forward to it every week. We are taking a jazz dance class. I'll try hard not to sprain or break anything. LOL
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It's been a blah sort of day today. Did a mountainload of laundry, took the ornaments off the tree - my guys will take the tree down tonight and then my furniture can get back to my regular configuration. Yes! No more neck aches from trying to watch a movie sideways.

I'm still fighting the headache that I've had since Thursday. I'm pretty tired of it, but like a bad guest, it refuses to leave.

[begin mini-rant - physician forms] )

I did manage to get to the post office today to mail out a couple of books. I also made it to the goodwill store to drop off several bags of clothes, electronics and toys that needed to leave our house.

My last errand for the day was at the vacuum cleaner store. My vacuum odyssey )

Hubby and our elder son are in said son's room installing a cd burner on his computer. Our younger son is playing video games in his room. I think I'll order pizza for dinner and curl up with my book for the rest of the evening.

Oh! I almost forgot - the Kings won! Woohoo! It was an ugly, nail-biter of a game, but we'll take it. :-)


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