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Drum roll, please.

Ahem. I would like to announce that we have finally, and after months of agonizing...

chosen a color for the grout in the boys' bathroom.

Well, it felt like a big deal to me! Hmph!

Yeah, we're still not finished.

Latest photos:
Progress on the tile Back shower wall
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Well, Friday night, anyway. This turned out to be a mite longer than I had thought. :-)

In my last non-meme post, hubby and I were planning to head out to do some serious tile shopping. He made it home at a decent hour and we headed out to Expo to try to find a little inspiration. I felt like we were on a snipe hunt )

Afterward )

Lots more to update, but I need a break, and you probably do too if you've managed to read this much, so I'll post some more later.
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Things are very quiet around here the last few days. I don't know if it's LJ being strange or that many of you have pressing business elsewhere.

C and I went to pick up our new glasses today. His look very nice on him. He was startled by how different things look through the polarized lenses of his clip-on shades. It is pretty strange, but I'm sure he'll get used to it pretty quickly.

I liked the way mine looked, but I had trouble focusing well when I looked to either side. There was an area of the lenses toward my nose that weren't clear for me. The gentleman helping me made a few adjustments, but the problem was still there. He looked up my history and figured out that the lenses in the new pair were thinner, denser, and thus less curved than my current ones. Evidently when a person has a very strong prescription like mine, even changing the curve of the lens can make a difference. They are sending mine back to have the same grade lenses as my current pair put in. I'm looking forward to having my new pair with clip-on polarized lenses. I tried the transitions lenses last time, but they never get dark enough in the sun and they take too long to go back to clear once I'm out of the sunshine. I don't mind waiting, though, because these came in much faster than I had expected.

S and I are going to march ourselves to the tile stores this weekend and force ourselves to choose some wall tile for the bathroom. We've let it drag out too long as it is.

Tomorrow I have a long rehearsal for The Wiz, then my friend and I are going to see RSP's current production of Oklahoma! Hooray for comp tickets! We have a few hours to kill in between, so we'll probably go somewhere for a leisurely dinner and chat. It's always nice to get some time to catch up with a friend.

On Sunday, I think we'll try to go to the annual Memorial Day BBQ that D's friend, K, puts on. D is in a band with K and they'll be playing on and off throughout the party. K has an open invitation to friends of friends, but we've never made it before. I've met K and her husband a few times and they are fun, nice people. It's just that we're usually wiped by Sunday afternoon. I think we (as a family) have fewer commitments this year, so we're planning to make it this time.

Monday we have all to ourselves and will probably spend it working on the bathroom. There will be much rejoicing when we finally finish. :-)

Pink woes

Mar. 28th, 2007 04:29 pm
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I'm having color issues in my bathroom remodel. The base paint is fine and on the walls with no trouble. My problem is with red.

Plum frustrated )

Thanks for listening to my whine. I feel better.
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Oh wait, that's paint fumes.

Today was nice. No drama at work. No activities that I have to attend tonight. I did decide to paint this afternoon, so the bathroom has its color coat now. Once it's dry (on some other day), I'll do the red glaze.

S is fighting with some fast-setting cement patch in there right now. It's supposed to stay pliable for 10-15 minutes, but evidently the package lied. ;-)

I can imagine the guest bathroom being functional again someday soon.

My arms are a little sore from the painting, but I think I have enough strength to hold up a book for an hour or two. :-)

My laundry is nearly caught up. I don't have another concert until May, and we are well on our way to memorizing all the songs.

C begins his CHP motorcycle training this week. His boots arrived yesterday and he's working to break them in right now.

Oh! And the avocado pit I started last fall has finally shot up and is ready to be planted and cut back. I'm so excited! I've never had one actually sprout before. *in-chair wiggle dance*

*hugs* to those who want or need them.


Mar. 24th, 2007 07:43 pm
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The day started off well. I was able to sleep in until nearly 9 this morning, which is unheard of for me lately. I finally felt rested - it was great!

I didn't do much of anything until just before noon, but then I did have a productive day.

I crossed a couple of things off the to-do list )

My thoughts are still with those of you who are going through difficult times. *hugs*
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This was the original wallpaper. We removed all of it that we could reach when we first moved into the house, but this was lurking underneath the tile.

The original wallpaper

More destruction here )
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So the re-piping guys are here today. They showed up promptly when they said they would and started in. S is working from home in case issues come up and I'm home sick, moving as little as possible and reading lovely fluffy fiction whenever I can summon the energy to keep my eyes focused.

S was sitting at his computer trying to tell me about... about... well, about something I can't happen to recall at the moment. I wasn't focusing very well on his words, so I told him that he would need to use small words, speak in short, simple sentences, and use very clear logic today if he wanted me to understand him at all. He laughed and asked me if my spousal mind-reading, brain-wave syncing abilities were on the fritz. I told him that yes, they were because all the snot mucks up the delicate connections.

It turned out to be a good thing we were both home today - we had to go sign another paper for our loan. The loan officer told us that they have started using a wonderful new, improved computer system that, incidentally, doesn't yet allow them to print documents directly from it, forcing them to export files to the old system for printing. Unfortunately, sometimes not everything transfers completely. Thus the discovery of the form we needed to sign. He apologized profusely. I made S take me to the Dairy Queen drive-through for an ice-cream cone as his punishment for dragging me out of my sick bed.


Ooh, the smoke alarm just went off near where they are drilling in the hallway. There is no smoke, just dust.

The guy waved a towel at the smoke detector and it stopped screaming. Whew! That thing is loud!

Wait, I just forgot what I came here to share with you all. Give me a moment.


Oh, yeah! Earlier this morning I very thoughtfully prepared a roast for the crock pot so we could have dinner tonight. I made sure to get it ready to go in while we still had running water. Actually, we still have running water. They won't turn it off until all the pipes are ready to be connected to the main. But I digress!

Anyway, because it was early and I didn't want a hard, shrunken, dried out hunk of jerky for dinner, I set the crock pot to low, which setting I haven't used in years. I'm always in a hurry. Yes, even with a slow-cooker. I set my dish towel on top to keep the heat and moisture from escaping past the ill-fitting lid and went back to my urgent lounging.

I came by a while later to pick something up from the counter near the cooker and was surprised to find that it really wasn't very hot. But the roast smelled good, at least to my impaired sniffer, so I just checked to make sure I had actually turned it on to low and left again.

I came back to that counter just now to get some salt for my boiled egg and didn't feel any heat. Worse, I didn't smell nearly-done roasty goodness. Damn. The low setting must be malfunctioning, I thought. I turned it to high and happened to glance at the wall socket as I turned to go.

I hadn't plugged it in. *head desk*

I'm going back to bed now.


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