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I was such a slug on Saturday. I got up around 7:30, read for several hours, then went back to bed at noon for a four hour nap. Got up, read some more, went to bed. It was a good day.

Sunday morning I awoke with the sun, which was a Very Good Thing. I had set my alarm for 6:45 to make sure that hubby and I had plenty of time to get ready for church since we had to be there before 8:00. I was very proud of myself for remembering to set the alarm. Unfortunately, it was set for pm instead of am. Still, I woke up about 15 minutes before it was scheduled to go off. I considered rolling over and snoozing until I heard it, but thankfully mother nature had other ideas.

We got to church on time, which was very good because the tenors were worried that hubby wouldn't be there (he sings first tenor). He had missed rehearsal on Wednesday because he had to work, and there was a chance that he would have to work on Sunday as well. This was a really bad weekend to have to work - it was Cantata Sunday. Now, understand, we didn't do a cantata, but each service is taken over entirely by the various choirs. The chancel choir (adults) sang 10 songs, the children's choir did 4 pieces, the cherub choir (3- and 4-year-olds) did one song, and the bell choir did the offeratory. We also had a brass ensemble and a bass guitar accompanying (sp?) us on several of the songs. I made the mistake of forgetting my water bottle for the first service. I was starting to croak toward the end. Fortunately, we had an hour between the two services and I was able to go home to grab my water when we picked up our son, so the second service wasn't nearly as hard on my voice.

Cantata Sunday marks the end of choir season for this church year. It will start back in September. We had our choir party on Sunday evening. As usual, I sampled way too much yummy stuff. I had my first encounter with Sangria at the party (yum!) and everyone had a good time.

In between church and the party, we took the boys to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I really enjoyed it, but was a little frustrated at some of the things that were left out. I was particularly frustrated that Snape's involvement with Professor Lupin's problem wasn't shown in the movie; it left his character looking two-dimensional where the book really started to fill in the back story and explain his animosity toward Harry. Ah well, it was a very fun way to spend the afternoon. The only problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I now want to go back and re-read all the books.

Since I was such a slug all weekend, I was very firm in telling myself that I had to go exercise today, which I did. I got home in time to make fajitas for dinner, then hubby and I went shopping for J's graduation gift. We decided to get him a PDA so that he might have a hope of keeping himself organized when he starts college next year. We ended up getting him an iPaq - mostly, I think, because hubby works for HP (we have HP computers too). [ profile] shendoah was kind enough to send me a very helpful PM about various things to look for when shopping for one, and that helped a lot. Thanks, Shen!

The big day is Wednesday! I took the day off so that I can run J to his rehearsal downtown in the morning, pick up his brother, C, from school after lunch, and get to the auditorium before they close the doors at 3:00. [What genius decided that it would be a good idea to hold a high school graduation from 3-5pm?!? So they assume that all parents are able to get the day off to attend or are they just oblivious? The only good thing about it is that J will have a chance to rush to his friends' high school to catch the end of their ceremony and we will be able to get C to his 8th grade dance at 7 before driving back up to pick up J for grad night. Good grief, I'm tired just typing that!]

Now I just need to nudge him into a job...


Mar. 8th, 2004 08:09 pm
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The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. This fun, witty play was the perfect way to spend my time while waiting for my son to take his written test at the DMV. (He passed and now has his learner's permit - wish me luck.)
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but I'm really bummed. I just got back from my Dr's office. My blood pressure has been elevated for two weeks now and it's giving me headaches. I hadn't expected the problem to linger. Usually by the time I get in for an appointment, my problems self-resolve and I come off feeling like a hypochondriac (is that even close to the correct spelling?). Not this time, though. The numbers are stubbornly remaining higher than they should be.

Soooo... I get to jog over to my friendly, neighborhood bloodletting facility tomorrow *and* I get to start taking a diuretic. Oh, goody! I get to run to the potty twenty times an hour for the next few weeks until we discover whether this is a temporary thing or a new lifestyle for me.

/sigh, deep breath

Okay, I think I can live without whining again for a little while. LJ is a nice relief valve. :-)


Oh, the universe just rewarded me for my ever-so-slightly positive thought! My son did my favorite hug-and-lean-on-mom's-head-while-reading-her-screen-thing (tm). *Now* I feel better. :-D
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Here are my results today. That was an interesting quiz.

I'm pretty excited. We're heading to Reno (the city, not the BC guru LOL) to celebrate my son's 18th birthday. [Where have the years gone?!?!?] I'm trying to decide which books to take for release there. I don't have any for a gambling theme, so I'll just try to find some that catch my eye. I have cleaning (yuck!) to do before we go. I hate coming home to a messy house, and since the house-cleaning fairies never visit me, I guess I'd better take care of it now.

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