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Jan. 2nd, 2010 06:22 pm
rendiru: (home improvement)
Our mailbox has an invisible target painted on it. Within a year or two of moving in, someone had run into it, crushing the door so that it wouldn't open or close. We replaced it. Less than a year later, some repairmen were working on our neighbor's house across the street. They had a big truck with them which they proceeded to back into our mailbox, bending the post and crushing the box.

I took them to task and they replaced the box, but the post was still bent. A few years ago, we got tired of looking at it, and replaced the entire setup with a new post and a new box. Was that before or after someone set off a string of firecrackers inside our mailbox? I can't remember anymore.

Anyway, not long after that, someone went joyriding down the block, hitting all the mailboxes they could reach with a baseball bat. They bent the side of our mailbox and the post was left once again at a slight angle, but it still worked with a little effort, so we kept using it.

We came home in the wee hours of the new year to find our mailbox looking more tipsy than any reveler about town. Someone had hit it low enough that the box wasn't crushed, but the pole was listing wildly and the door wouldn't stay shut.

Scott dug it up today, used a sledgehammer to straighten the support pole, and reset it. It looks almost normal again.

We used to think that some of our neighbors were just indulging a fancy for making solid brick monuments to house their mailboxes. Now we know better.


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