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when even the fake plants are dropping their leaves. ;-)

I took these on my walk tonight.

You know it's going to be a hard winter

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I took off for my walk feeling like I was about to burst with energy. My steps were sprightly. I was in love with the afternoon. There were so many interesting things to look at. I felt like I could walk forever.

I got to the store and picked up what I needed, standing in line for a few minutes as it was a busy time of day for shopping. When I stepped out of the store, the sun had disappeared below the horizon. The light was dim, the air chilly.

When had each leg gained twenty pounds? Had I moved furniture all afternoon yesterday and forgotten about it? Why had I thought I could walk to the store and back? When had I started thinking only in questions?

Okay, I guess I got ahead of my recovery a little bit, but it felt so good to *have* energy, even if fleeting. I have hope that it will return someday soon. :-)
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Not feeling creative today. Just went back out into my yard again.

Leaves and Stones

Oh, and I forgot that I took one at lunch today too.

After lunch
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First five pictures.

In here )


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