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Last week I was the lucky recipient of a bag of lemons. I love lemons, but I can't eat them too often or my teeth hurt.

Why, yes, I do speak from experience! :-)

I was talking with one of my friends the other day and mentioned my love of lemons. She said that she eats lemons too. We compared our preferences and discovered that we did not eat them the same way.

Thus the poll:

[Poll #1379917]

I made lemon meltaway cookies last week, and they were a hit. I've eaten a couple raw and enjoyed every bit of juice and pulp. The problem is that I still have a bag of lemons left. I'll probably make a pie with some of my bounty, but that will only make a dent in the mass.

Would any of you like to share your favorite lemon recipe?
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Thank, [ profile] enigmacat, for pointing out the problem with the buttons on the last list. This should work now. ::sheepish grin::

Any errors or misspellings are all mine. These are all the authors from the books I read in 2007. Some I really love. Some I will walk through muck and mire to avoid ever reading again. Well, ok, there is only one of those and I've marked her.

You don't need to have read them last year for them to count. You don't even need to have enjoyed them to vote. If you have a strong opinion about a listed author, positive or negative, feel free to mention it in comments to the post.

[Poll #1114216]


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