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I have the gardening bug. I have a small raised bed filled with good soil and compost. This produced some excellent lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and basil last year.

The weather just took a turn for the beautiful here in Sacramento, and I started getting antsy about getting something in the ground. Or at least getting something planted.

I had read recently about growing potatoes in containers, and decided that I would experiment a little this year. I had a well-drained bucket, some potting soil, and potatoes that were so eager to grow that they were sprouting in the kitchen.

I headed out, armed with my camera, ready to document the great potato planting of 2009.

It is extremely difficult to photograph a matte black bucket without having everything around it overexposed. I must have taken a hundred pictures, trying two different lenses and every setting adjustment I could find on my Nikon, even giving it a go with my Cybershot, before I gave up in disgust.

Time was running out and there was planting to do!

I planted the potatoes in shallow soil in the container and set it in the garage to sprout. I'll check it every day or two to see how it's doing.

All that frustration needed some outlet, so I headed out to my raised bed to clear the palm fronds that were keeping the weeds down and to turn the soil in preparation for planting.

I had a little compost from my first attempt at a pile last year, so I added that in as well, then tromped into the house to grab the Mortgage Lifter tomato plant I'd found at the hardware store and the pepper plants I had bought at the same time. These are in the ground and ready to go.

I've only grown Mortgage Lifter tomatoes once. I bought the plant at my local farmers market, but didn't have a garden to put it in at the time. I cleared a little space in the yard and stuck it in the ground without any further prep. Strangely enough, it produced, and I loved the texture and the flavor of its tomatoes. I hadn't seen any seeds or plants around since then, so when I saw it at the store I nabbed one and plopped it right in my cart. I'm eager to see how it does in better soil.

All this to say, don't expect photo updates on my potatoes until I plant some in less photographically challenging containers.


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