Apr. 26th, 2004 08:12 pm
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Probability Space by Nancy Kress. This book is the third in the series. This one has less to do with the culture of the Worlders (a human-derived species that evolved with some interesting traits on a world far away from Sol) than the politics of the Terrans. It was a very entertaining book, but not as compelling as the first of the series. My favorite Nancy Kress book is still Beggars in Spain.

Today was a slow day at work - I had two and a half hours of no-shows and cancellations. It really makes the day drag. I made sure my youngest made it to his orthodontist appointment. He was hoping that his retainers would be removed because the molars upon which they are anchored feel like they are about to fall out, but, alas, it was not to be. He will have to wait. His brother had hoped to have his braces off this month, but that didn't happen either. He's hoping that they will come off before graduation in June. We'll see...

The Kings are playing badly again tonight. I keep waiting for the real Kings to arrive and show Dallas what they can do, but they haven't arrived yet on this road trip. They just haven't played the same since Chris Webber returned to active play. Please guys, show some teamwork and sink some buckets.

EDIT WooooHoo! Finally!
Kings rallied in the second half and won the game!

/happy dances
/wiggles with glee

even Sparky (our dog) is jumping around and celebrating. :-)

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Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. This one had been in my TBR pile for almost a year. I was motivated to read it because of the read-along on BookCrossing, although I never officially joined and didn't follow any of the discussions (picture me with an apologetic grin here). I'm glad I finally read it - it was a wonderful book, but I am not into critical analysis, so I was happier just reading it in parallel mode.

In other news, the big storm that passed through northern California this week did not leave our household untouched. Unlike the last big storm we had, this time we didn't lose any trees (we lost two last time). We did lose several fair-sized branches from a couple of different trees and we have two segments of our back yard fence that have given up the ghost. I was really scared when I saw the fence down because our dog, Sparky, is an outdoor dog during the day. I was afraid that she might have gone wandering if the neighbors had a front fence that was damaged or open. When we first went out to call her, she didn't come running and I was so worried - she usually can't wait to get into the house. (The only exception to this is if she has cornered a possum on the fence. She is so proud at having found such a big "rat" that she doesn't want to let it get away. LOL) The boys went out to inspect the fence while I went to change out of my work clothes so we could start searching for her. When I came out to start the search, I found her in the family room, happily running around and squeaking her favorite chew-toy - she had just been exploring the neighbor's yard after all. Whew! So all is well. :-)

The Kings have been losing to the Lakers for most of tonight's game, but as I sit here typing, they are really making an effort and are actually several points ahead. I missed most of the game due to dance class, but I won't feel so bad about missing the early parts if I get to hear them win after coming from behind.

/fingers crossed, hoping... hoping...


Jan. 23rd, 2004 10:17 pm
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I just finished reading Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani. This was sent to me by fellow bookcrosser, ellymae58 as part of a bookrelay. It was a very sweet book about self discovery.

I think I'm ready to sink my teeth into a longer book. The last few I've read have been either very short, very fluffy reading, or both. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that - they were fun books and I enjoyed reading them. It's just that sometimes I want to immerse myself in the world of a book for a long time and it usually takes more than 500-600 pages to satisfy these urges (and it's even better if it's a series of four or five books that are each that long or longer). Does anyone else get this way or is this just another facet of my weirdness shining through? ;-)

On a completely different topic, my beloved Kings just sucked big time tonight. They couldn't buy a bucket throughout much of the game. This was against the team that they slaughtered not long ago. I think they were a tad complacent at the beginning and were then shaken by the ferocity of the opposition. ::sigh:: Maybe this loss will help motivate them for the other games in this road trip.
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It's been a blah sort of day today. Did a mountainload of laundry, took the ornaments off the tree - my guys will take the tree down tonight and then my furniture can get back to my regular configuration. Yes! No more neck aches from trying to watch a movie sideways.

I'm still fighting the headache that I've had since Thursday. I'm pretty tired of it, but like a bad guest, it refuses to leave.

[begin mini-rant - physician forms] )

I did manage to get to the post office today to mail out a couple of books. I also made it to the goodwill store to drop off several bags of clothes, electronics and toys that needed to leave our house.

My last errand for the day was at the vacuum cleaner store. My vacuum odyssey )

Hubby and our elder son are in said son's room installing a cd burner on his computer. Our younger son is playing video games in his room. I think I'll order pizza for dinner and curl up with my book for the rest of the evening.

Oh! I almost forgot - the Kings won! Woohoo! It was an ugly, nail-biter of a game, but we'll take it. :-)


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