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Having been stood-up this morning by a patient scheduled for a two-hour test, I find myself with some time on my hands. What better thing to do than update my journal?

There really hasn't been much more than just daily life going on, so there's not a lot to add. Bear with me while I wrack my brains for something to fill up this blank page...

I had been truly over-indulgent with myself for the last month or so. In the last week and a half I had gained back four of the twenty two pounds I had lost this year. I gave myself a stern talking-to and decided to get back on track. It's not that I haven't been exercising - I have been taking a dance class every week and just joined a gym, where I've been going 2-4 times a week. My main problem is mindless snacking while reading or while loafing at the computer. My goal for this month is to remember to think before eating. BTW - two of those four pounds are gone as of yesterday. :-)

I went to my first ever yoga class last night (and I am soooo sore today, especially in my arms). My older son, J, was very interested in trying it, and was excited that it was offered at the gym. I admit that my motivation in going with him last night was not entirely altruistic - the monthly BookCrossing Meetup was last night, and if I had taken the step aerobics class that I had planned to take, I would have missed the meetup. Since yoga was an hour and fifteen minutes earlier, it fit my schedule nicely. We had about six people show up for the meetup. We were able to sit outside the coffehouse and enjoy the lovely weather while we talked. Most of last night's conversation was actually about books - mostly reminiscing about childhood book influences, inspired by the airing of A Wrinkle In Time on television the night before. (I didn't watch it - I couldn't bear to give up my mental images.) I dropped off a book and bravely refused to take any new ones home with me.*

In addition to my sloppy eating habits, I've neglected my housecleaning in the last month as well, only doing minimal cleaning like laundry, dishes (after ignoring them for a day, hoping that the dishwashing fairy would visit my kitchen and magically make them all sparkly clean and put them away, but being sadly disappointed each time), and basic bathroom maintainance. My floors badly need attention and I need to do a whole heap of decluttering. Boy, I really need to get my act together! Maybe I'll be inspired in my cleaning if 'Nathan tells us how Mr. Dude's first visit to his place goes. *innocent whistle*

My family has started planning for summer vacation. It's been years since I've taken more than a week off, but this year I'm taking three! I am so excited! We are planning a road trip. We'll be heading to Oklahoma for a family reunion in July, then heading north. We're hoping to see Mt. Rushmore then head into Canada before heading back to the west coast. I need to find my road atlas of the US and find a Canadian road atlas so we can firm up our route. I've never been to Canada, so I'm really looking forward to this trip. I'll also get to see Washington and Oregon for the first time on the way home. Have I mentioned that I'm really excited about this trip? We figure it may be the last time we can drag our older son along for a family vacation, so we're wanting to really make it special.

Well, I've spent longer than I planned writing this - I'd better go see if I can find something productive to do. I will post our route when we have it finalized, just in case anyone wants to meet for lunch when we pass through a local town.

*Mostly because I had already brought home eight books in the last two days, five of them purchased on my lunch break that day from the big library sale (I'll be heading back to the library sale on Sunday when books are $5/bag.) Ah, bliss.


Feb. 5th, 2004 04:02 pm
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Toxin by Robin Cook. Nothing really new in this book (except for gruesome descriptions of the slaughtering floor of a beef processing plant) for anyone who has ever read a Robin Cook book, but it was entertaining.

On the home front, report cards are in for my boys. I am very happy to be able to say that they have both passed all of their classes. This may not seem to be much to some, but my older son has struggled tremendously with his classes since junior high and has failed at least one class every year since he began high school (he's a senior now). This is the first time that he has passed *all* of his classes (and with nothing below a "C"!) without having to go to tutoring or take summer school. My younger son managed all A's and B's on his report card, which was a tremendous improvement over last year's grades. I'm very proud of them both. /beams

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